Marc Quinn- Eternal Spring ll

The reason why I put Marc Quinn's Eternal Spring ll into the interaction folder is because in my opinion it expresses really well our human ambition for eternity. Especially when we find something beautiful we don't want to age. The same approach is in the thought of eternal youth, plastic surgery, etc. We have a fear of vanity. Life and death. Although we all know that we are going to die one die, we are afraid of the end. Marc Quinn preserved the flowers and prevented them from dying and therefore disturbed the natural circle of life and death. 

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I found this image in the Frieze Art Fair Catalogue 2013 and it reminded me a lot of my plaster experiments. Especially the recent one with the sunflowers. Hanna Liden is a photographer and therefore the image is mostly important but it is build up quite simple and I could maybe do the same with my experiments. Just have them very well photographed in a good light. 

Richard Wood - Grass Painted Green (1998-2013)

Richard Wood's project Grass Painted Green (1998-2013) was a quite bis inspiration for me because it is such a clear interaction in the environment. Especially in England grass has a quite signifant meaning. The grass should be perfectly green and nicely cut. Wood fakes this idea in painting it green. Of course it is green already but we humans always want it to be better. It makes the grass more artificial but the original is still underneath. 

Paul Thek was one of the first artists who did installations and environments. This sculpture is one of his meat pieces collection. He casted meat and human body parts and often displayed them in those plexi glass vitrines. Somehow Thek's work inspires me to work with the idea of hybrids and bringing artificial and nature together. Maybe melted together or just joined. 

Tim Head - Toxic Lagoon (1987)

Not only the image itself inspires my project but also the title. 'Toxic Lagoon' is such a strong language and communicates with the audience. In my opinion it also relates to the strong colours in the image. There is plastic and other stuff floating around and everything looks really artificial. 

Jan Vormann is doing street art. I actually was not sure if I should look at him because regarding my project I don't like the fact that he is interacting in an already build in evironment (the cities). I would rather have the same kind of thing in nature. Anyway, I like the idea of filling gaps and replacing materials with other ones to create a juxtaposition. 


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